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Atom Heart Mutha

Hey, check out Atom Heart Mutha !!
Thanx for your support bro 🙏🏼

Hitting the inbox.

Whilst recording their second album, BLIND MESS have released the first single: RELIEF.
The trio has been cruising through the Munich stoner rock scene since 2016. They describe ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Just in case:

The trio was founded in 2016 and since then has earned its place in the Munichstoner and rock music scene. They have opened gigs for bands such as SACRI MONT...

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While we recording our second album, we like to blow out some free stuff:

Grab a copy of our debut album right ... Sehen Sie mehr

10 track album

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Danke an LEE HARVEY & the OSWALDS, den Alex und alle mitwippenden Leude vor der Bühne für den gelungenen Abend gestern in der Glocke!!

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Waiting for you 🤘🏼
Stagetime: ca. 21:00


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Woohoo! 🎉🎊🎁✊🏻
Today we have a small release for you. This is a song from our upcoming album! Check it out!! Stay tuned...

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Spotify: ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Here is a rehearsal snippet from a song, which you will find on our upcoming album.

We will also play it live for the first time:

Don‘t ... Sehen Sie mehr

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Fotos von BLIND MESS Beitrag

Vocals for three Songs: DONE 🤘🏼😜🎤🎧

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BLIND MESS "Dead Blues" Teaser


This song is one of our following second record! Stay tune and follow us at www.facebook.com/blackmess2016 www.blindmess.bandcamp.com

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Summer Break is over. Time again to work on new stuff 🤫

See you all at https://www.facebook.com/events/1708603725934402/?ti=icl

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