History of BLIND MESS
The trio was formed in 2016 and has since been, with a steadily growing fanbase,
while conquering the ears of the audience and so they have a place in the local
rock music scene of Munich.

The three musicians Daniel (Guitar/Shouts), Martin (Drums) and Oskar (Bass)
describe their style briefly:

"A mess of fuzzy tones and shouts in a nebula of Rock'n'Roll!"

Eyewitness to the shows say it is a mixture of Queens of the Stone Age, Motörhead
and the Misfits. In these words lies some kind of truth.

In the past BLIND MESS have already been allowed to open for bands like EARTH SHIP.
In spring of 2017 their first album will be released, their shows showing the full potential of their songs.
This is music you have to hear loudly! It grooves, it bangs, it jams! More is not to say.

The "Black Mess Thing"
We used to be named BLACK MESS, but unfortunately legal problems forced us to find a new band name.
Well, here it is: our BLACK becomes invisible and becomes blind.
From today and from now immediately we are a BLIND MESS!

Thanks for your support and spread the love!